Behind the Scenes at an Edible Factory

Higher Leaf stopped by the Botanica Seattle facility, located in thriving SODO, for a behind the scenes look at one of that state’s first edible companies. As the parent brand behind Spot, Mr. Moxey’s Mints, Proper Chocolates, Journeyman, and BOND, this well diversified company has their eyes set on the future of cannabis consumption and use. After entering the facility we immediately noticed the delicious smell of fresh baked brownies cooling in the bakery, but that’s not all they offer. Founded in 2013 with the goal of expanding the burgeoning edibles market, they continue to exceed expectations with a product portfolio currently featuring 42 different items and more are on the way.

Spot, as the first brand in the Botanica family, aimed to create a line of edibles that made new cannabis users feel comfortable. They were the first company in Washington to give their edibles an Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid label letting users know exactly what they are consuming. 5 mg sweets made with cannabutter acted as a great intro to edibles while the standard 10 mg treats offer seasoned users a stronger dose in bite sized form. They even created a 10 mg CBD and 3 mg THC version to promote the idea of happiness and wellness in one bite. Simple packaging with clear labels are the hallmark of the Spot brand. Originally hand packaged, we were excited to see Botanica has upgraded to automatic packaging for nearly all of their products. 

The creation of Mr. Moxey’s Mints came as a natural expansion of their edible product line. Made with cannabis infused CO2 oil, the 5 mg mints were created with ease of use in mind and give consumers the ability to stack doses based on personal preference. Our Budtenders frequently recommend these mints to customers looking for a discreet way to consume without sacrificing taste or quality. The beloved mints are augmented with brewed tea concoctions to boost their flavor profile. Classic Peppermint is infused with ginkgo and ginseng for energy, Ginger features echinacea and Indian gooseberry for vitality, and Cinnamon combines chamomile and California poppy to promote relaxation.

In 2015 the Proper Chocolate brand gave Botanica’s talented chocolatier the chance to expand their product line into gourmet truffles for more experience users. The 10mg chocolate are featured in a variety of flavors like Salted Caramel, Peanut Butter, and Peppermint for discerning chocolate aficionados. We got to step inside the bustling chocolate room for a look at their cannabis oil infusion process. The oil is gently incorporated into tempered chocolate to ensure potency and taste are consistent in every batch. Exclusive for the holiday season, Botanica Seattle will be creating their first ever White Chocolate Truffles with orange and cranberry accents. 

With sales soaring in both Washington and Oregon, we were excited to hear that Botanica Seattle is opening a second processing facility in Oregon to meet the demand of our neighbor to the south. The expansion means an opportunity for all the Botanica Seattle brands to experiment with new products while maintaining the same brand quality across two states. We can’t wait to see what’s next from the Botanica Seattle team!