shaggy tries to avoid the munchies by eating a big sandwich

3 Easy Tips for Avoiding the Munchies

Knowing how to stop the munchies is important if you're trying to stay healthy or making efforts to avoid weight gain. How many times have you smoked and found yourself downing a bag of chips in a single sitting, only to regret it later? It’s very common to have an insatiable appetite after smoking marijuana, which is why it’s used as ... More


March Madness Sale

Slam Dunk Deals March 14th-20th on premium flower, extracts, edibles, and more! Full menu, updated daily, below. // More

Canna Butter Recipe

Canna Butter Recipe

I've recently had a lot of our customers ask about edibles that are stronger than what we have to offer. I have come up with a quick solution to help make some potent canna butter from products we carry. The entire process takes only 40 minutes from start to finish. What you will need for this canna butter recipe:  Grill tongs A ... More


Don’t Strain On Classifications

When it comes to cannabis and knowing how it will affect you, you may have heard that “it is all about the strain”. There’s Indicas, Sativas, hybrids that have more Indica than Sativa, and hybrids that have more Sativa and Indica; not to mention there are multiple brands in each category to choose from. So how do you know which one to ... More

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Drift™ sublingual spray

This fact acting sublingual spray gives you the ease of vape pen without the smoke, with a nice peppermint flavor. Available now $42 for 100mg. From Mirth Provisions: Picture yourself floating down a tranquil river in a wooden boat. With the gentle current as your only guide, you have no particular destination. Your mind is ... More


Dope Awards

It’s that time of year again to celebrate the best industry in the world and all the amazing people and companies that are a part of it. The DOPE Industry Awards will once again be a night to remember, honoring the finest in the Cannabis Industry. Last year’s event hosted over 700 people and was considered by many to be the event of the ... More


HIGHest End Store

Our friends at Higher Ground TV provided video coverage at our last Green-Elite event, and named Green-Theory the HIGH-est end Marijuana store in world. Watch the video below! Excerpt from their site: " Though cannabis is constantly in the news, very few people have actually been inside a legal recreational store. We went to Green-The... More

Visiting Tera Martin of Bellevue's Green Theory

Tera Martin 1-on-1

DList Magazine's interview with Green-Theory's general manager Tera Martin published in the 2015 June issue. If you could define the "Green-Theory", how would you describe it? TERA MARTIN: Who is Green-Theory: Green: is fresh, new, supporting environmentalism, tend to preserve environmental quality, lush, leafy, ... More

Green Theory VIP Event

VIP Event Review

Review: Green-Theory Green-Elite VIP Event You walk up, and the bouncer asks if you name is on the list.  It is.  Doors open, it’s crowded and the pulse of music lays a background against the roar of conversation.  A tray of artisan appetizers passes by, and everything just smells like amazing weed. Before the big event. Green-Theory ... More

Tera Martin of Green Theory

High Five Interview

Tera Martin is the general manager of Green-Theory. Not only has she taken on the responsibility of managing the popular Green-Theory,  but she also has taken on the fight against breast cancer using a treatment using high CBD cannabis. We would like to thank this general manager for taking the time out of her busy schedule to answer ... More