Best Places in Washington State to Enjoy Cannabis

Washington, also known as The Evergreen State, is one of the most marijuana-friendly states in the USA. Medicinal marijuana was made legal in 1998, and recreational marijuana was made legal in 2012.

After the legalization of recreational marijuana, a notable number of cannabis shops popped up in the state. The population’s attitude toward weed is relaxed, particularly in the Seattle area, Tacoma, and nearby suburbs.

There are a number of fun activities you can do all over the state. You can make it even better with cannabis involved. Are you looking forward to enjoying the ganja as you listen to reggae music? Here are the best places to enjoy cannabis in Washington: 


1. Seattle 

Whether you are visiting in the spring or the summer, Seattle WA is bustling with a treasure-trove of activities. The rich vegetation, splendid architecture, and fascinating art and culture are indeed inviting. 

Discover the art scene in the city and learn about its rich history. It is home to music legends after all. Pearl Jam, Jimi Hendrix, and Nirvana call this city home. 

Cannabis Tours and Adventures in Seattle WA

Seattle Green Adventures

You can experience a thrilling cannabis tour from a limo with Seattle Green Adventures. They provide a glimpse into the history, science, and culture of cannabis.

The standard tour is available seven days a week to take you to a 15-mile downtown radius while riding on a limo. It lasts approximately 3.5 hours, which includes a VIP experience at two or three cannabis shops. 

You can request a customized tour if 3.5 hours is not enough. You can include additional stops to some of the most popular sites in Seattle, a wine dinner, or even join an edibles-making class.

Mile High Canna Tours

If you want to learn how weed is grown, join the Mile High Canna Tours. The tour provides an almost 3.5-hour educational tour to downtown Seattle. In 3.5 hours, you get to visit a dispensary and two local cannabis farms. 

If you want to learn how weed is grown, this is the tour for you. You can upgrade to a gold package if you like to add a painting course and private weed sessions after the regular tour. Tours are available Wednesday through Sunday. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. 

420-friendly Hotels in Seattle WA

Mountain Views Tree House B&B Retreat

Smoking weed lets you enjoy nature more, and what could be more enjoyable than staying in a treehouse while smoking your number one marijuana strain. The Mountain Views provide three unique treehouses called The 420, the Hashtag, and The Pot Leaf. 

This impressive cannabis-friendly retreat is on a farm, complete with peculiar farm animals, including VeggieMight the pig and an African grey parrot that swears a lot. 

The retreat is located in Monroe, WA. You can reach it about one hour from Seattle. You have to be 21 or over to be allowed to enjoy cannabis here. If the treehouses are full, you can rent individual rooms at the farmhouse or camp on the property grounds. 

The Green Tortoise

If you want to be near Pike Place Market, book a reservation at The Green Tortoise hostel located in the heart of Seattle. It is a walking distance away from many restaurants, the Seattle Art Museum, and the Seattle Aquarium. 

The place offers dorms, as well as private rooms. The dorms are available for females only. You get a storage locker, private bathrooms, and free Wi-Fi. You are entitled to a nice free breakfast as well. 

Bed Baked and Beyond

If you love to live in style, this large Victorian home near downtown Seattle can be your home for a few days when you come and visit. It can accommodate ten guests, provides a flower garden and a fire pit, as well as a potting shed that serves as a smokers’ lounge. 

As part of your stay, you get to enjoy a breakfast of homemade gourmet muffins, seasonal fruit, organic tea, and coffee. At night, you may get invited to sample a complimentary craft beer at the bar.

Attractions in Seattle WA that are More Fun with Weed 


Cats are a delight to snuggle, especially when you are stoned. If you are a feline person, visit Seattle’s Meowtropolitan, a cafe where you can hang out with more than ten delightful shelter cats. 

Museum of Pop Culture

For enthusiasts of music, movies, and all-around pop culture, visiting the Museum of Pop Culture while stoned is a must. It is located in Seattle’s center. Immerse yourself in three floors of exhibits that include a Minecraft exhibition, Fantasy Hall of Fame, and Science Fiction. 

It also includes a tribute to musicians like Nirvana and Jimi Hendrix. You can even experiment with real sound equipment at the sound lab where you can showcase your talent or find out if you have a knack for the arts.  

Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum

Dale Chihuly’s glass museum is a trippy experience. Although small, you can browse through the hypnotizing pieces of artwork in an hour or two. If you are stoned, you may even enjoy looking at the art all day. 

The exhibition garden outside the museum is landscaped with flowers and glass sculptures. Inside, there are a total of eight galleries to explore. The highlight of this great spot is the glass house that is over 40 feet high and 4,500 square feet wide. 

The journey of the sun across the sky and its light during the course of the day play a crucial role in producing a variety of shades of color in the glass artwork. 

Seattle Great Wheel

If you are not afraid of heights, take a breathtaking view of Elliot Bay from a 60-meter tall Ferris. The Seattle Great Wheel is open all day. A ride usually lasts 10-20 minutes depending on the size of the crowd. Each ride gets you to three full revolutions of the wheel, which you are going to enjoy a lot better with cannabis. 

Pacific Science Center

Stop by the Pacific Science Center if you enjoy interactive exhibits that feature biology, astronomy, physics, chemistry, and the like. The Laser Dome is particularly a thrilling experience when you are stoned. The 30-minute show filled with lasers, coupled with music from popular artists, is truly mesmerizing. 

Washington Park Arboretum

Located at a 15-minute drive from the heart of Seattle is a botanical garden where you can enjoy nature solo or with your beloved. The gorgeous Washington Park Arboretum is a 230-acre garden that features a variety of flowers and plants from all over the world. It is a perfect place to enjoy the relaxing effect of cannabis.  

Recommended Dispensaries in Seattle WA

Have a Heart at 115 Blanchard St, Seattle WA

Located in a highly desirable area at 115 Blanchard St, Seattle, WA, this dispensary is close to Pike’s Place Market. It is considered by many as Seattle’s number one cannabis shop. The immense strain selection and the excellent customer experience are a number of reasons to check out this place at Blanchard St, Seattle. 

Uncle Ike’s, 501 15th Ave E, Capitol Hill

If you find yourself in Capitol Hill and need to get stoned, Uncle Ike’s is an excellent place to stop by. Look for the shop at 501 15th Ave E, Seattle, WA. They have an excellent inventory, which you can pre-order online for later pickup. Some of their products include Blackberry, Pearly Glue, and Girl Scout Cookies. Take advantage of their daily deals as well.

Evergreen Market, 409 Rainier Ave N, Renton

Check out The Evergreen Market dispensaries on 409 Rainier Ave, North Renton, and their other locations. The friendly service, the clean store, and the online pre-ordering system are some of the best characteristics of this store. Check out their special deals and rewards to take advantage of lower prices.

2. Tacoma

South of Seattle is the city of Tacoma, a haven for people who love the ganja. This cannabis-friendly city is packed with locations to explore after you grab some edibles, roll some joints, or inhale concentrates.

The Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium in Tacoma, for example, offers a diverse ecosystem that you can enjoy watching after hitting a high. The Arctic Tundra and the Asian Forest Sanctuary offer mesmerizing views. You can get give you a glimpse into the world of underwater marine animals in the aquarium. 

The Narrows Park, Tacoma is a great location to enjoy some edibles. Although it gets busy during the day, the crowd usually dies down late in the afternoon. You can walk around the park and enjoy the breathtaking views as you smoke or munch. If you are more of the adventurer type, visiting Mount Rainier near Tacoma is a thrilling idea.

If you feel hungry after a pot session or a drink at a bar, visiting the Harbor Lights Restaurant in Tacoma is a good idea. Try out their delicious seafood cuisine on the menu as you enjoy the waterfront view. 

Recommended Dispensaries in Tacoma WA

World of Weed, 3202 Portland Ave E, Tacoma

World of Weed is one of the multi-awarded cannabis dispensaries in Portland Avenue, Tacoma. They are dedicated to providing you with high-quality marijuana products and top-quality customer service. You can also use their online ordering system if you already know what you want to buy. 

Mary Mart, 3002 6th Ave, Tacoma

For both medical and recreational cannabis products, step food into Mary Mart, Tacoma. They have an expertly curated menu to meet your needs. Feel free to speak to their friendly service crew if you are new to buying cannabis strains and products. 

Emerald Leaves, 2702 6th Ave, Tacoma

Take advantage of the daily deals from this ganja store in Tacoma. You can even join their loyalty program if you live in the area. You can head to their shop to check out samples or order online through their website. 

3. Bellingham

Bellingham is a tiny city north of Seattle and Tacoma, often overlooked as a good location to enjoy cannabis in Washington. However, the snow-filled Mt. Baker and scenic areas make it one of the best locations to chill out for a couple of blunts, joints, or edibles.  


If you love the view of snow-capped mountains, waterfronts, and a variety of wildlife, check out Boulevard Park. It is an opportunistic chance to enjoy a good high as you take a stroll down the boardwalks. 

Bellingham is a favorite destination for foreign and local tourists for its numerous shopping, dining, and outdoor activities. It also has several dispensaries. 


Recommended Dispensaries in Bellingham WA

Trove Cannabis

Trove Cannabis is located in Samish Way, Bellingham, WA. The dispensary is founded by a diverse group of people who enjoy good times, good weed, and share things with their family and friends. 

They do a pretty good deed with their weed business, as well. As stated on their website, they are committed to planting a tree for every ounce of cannabis strains purchased from their store location. 

The Pot Shop

Located at Bakerview Rd, you can find them next to Fred Myer fuel pumps. If you are looking for high-quality cannabis and a convenient way to shop, check them out. If you live in the area, join their loyalty program to take advantage of discounts. 

Cascade Herb Company

Located at Maple St, Bellingham, WA, this pot shop displays its products clearly. As a consumer, you can select the ideal strains you wish to purchase. You can also browse their product lines at the comfort of your home through their website. 

4. Kirkland

Just a few miles on the northeastern side of Seattle and Tacoma is the vibrant city of Kirkland. It is home to over 49,000 wonderful residents and a handful of marijuana shops within its limits. It is pleasant that the inhabitants do not have to travel outside the city to get quality weed. 

You can find numerous art centers in the city. There are also shops and restaurants along the beach. After smoking your number one cannabis strain, you can have a nice evening stroll in the city, get a drink at a bar, or enjoy the view of the beautiful Lake Washington. 

There are plenty of activities for sailors and boating enthusiasts as well. You can find a lot of like-minded people hitting the water during the day and even at night. If you get tired of being on the water, settle for a coffee or beer at a bar in town. 

5. Bellevue

Bellevue WA offers magnificent outdoor spaces and natural beauty perfect for cannabis enthusiasts. It is a one-of-a-kind location for dining, shopping, and cultural attractions. 

Although it has a big-city appeal, this vibrant and modern area does not have the grit and big-city prices you usually experience in prominent cities like Seattle. Nevertheless, you can easily travel to Seattle, Kirkland, and other nearby localities within minutes. 

You can find Lake Sammamish to the east and Lake Washington to the west of Bellevue. The Governor Alber D. Rosellini Bridge and the Lacey V. Murrow Memorial Bridge connecting Bellevue and Seattle are the two longest floating bridges in the world. 

You can enjoy a number of cannabis products in the city. After experiencing an exhilarating high, you can spend time shopping, dining, touring, or drinking at a bar.

For the ultimate shopping experience, visit The Shops at the Bravern, The Bellevue Collection, and the Crossroads Bellevue. You can also immerse yourself in the arts and history at the Bellevue Arts Museum.

If you want to stay away from the hustle and bustle of city life and experience a more peaceful environment, there are nearly 100 parks to visit. You can take a relaxing stroll at the Bellevue Botanical Garden or the beach. When you experience the munchies, there are always a number of restaurants and cafes nearby.

Recommended Dispensary in Kirkland and Bellevue

Higher Leaf 

If you find yourself in Seattle’s suburban area, you can find the most complete resource for recreational cannabis in the Higher Leaf cannabis dispensary locations in Kirkland and Bellevue. They are open seven days a week to offer you a full selection of cannabis strains and forms. 

Whether you need cannabis for medical or recreational purposes, you can visit their physical store or buy from their website. The professional service crew at the dispensary will help you every step of the way. 

Reasons to Choose Washington State for Cannabis Tourism 

If you are looking forward to a recreational marijuana vacation without having to go all the way to Amsterdam, visit Washington State. As one of the USA’s leaders in the canna industry, you can have an amazing cannabis tourism experience in any of the key cities in the state. 

Walkable and Bikeable Cities

The state has hardcore cyclists and bike rental companies. A vacation should be healthy, especially for ganja consumers. You can either take a walk to several tourist destinations or use a bike to go around. 

Great Weather

While most of the cities are rain-soaked, the Winter is mild, the Spring is superb, and Fall is colorful. While Summer is sunny, it is never too hot. You can always end the day with a wonderful smoke session as you watch the fading light of the sunset. 

Appetizing and Diverse Food Culture

Cannabis users are always in for a taste of cuisine. When the munchies kick in, you have to know where you can find good food. There are many places in Washington state where the prices of food are affordable.

You can find different kinds of food on the menu. Asian, European, South American, and North American dishes are all over the place. Many locations in the food industry are open 24 hours to serve you even for late-night delight.

The Great Outdoors

The perfect cannabis getaway always involves nature. The scene at the Pacific Northwest is truly breathtaking for any cannabis enthusiast. The mountains, waterfronts, wildlife, and coastal beauties bring vibrant eye candy to cannabis tourists. 

420-friendly Lodging and Campsites

Marijuana has been legalized in the state for many years. Hence, even the local industry is cannabis-friendly. Airbnb and other lodging options allow the use of cannabis. You can enjoy a number of local cannabis products without visiting the parking lot or a designated smoking area. 


There is nothing better than smoking weed outdoors. There are designated areas in Washington state for cannabis consumption. These areas offer breathtaking views of the natural wildlife, landscape, and lush greenery. 

You can stroll through the campgrounds and the woods as you puff your number one marijuana product. The view is even made breathtaking as your reach a good high. 

The Seattle Hempfest

Hempfest has been the largest protestival in the world. With the legalization of marijuana, thousands of people from all over the country flock to this cannabis-friendly festival to enjoy the culture and the music. 

The Cannabis

Washington has some of the best cannabis in the country. Since it is a pioneer in the enjoyment of marijuana for medical and recreational use, they have also perfected the craft of making premium cannabis products available to all. 

What You Need to Know About Cannabis Legality in Washington State

Aside from the legalization of cannabis, there are a few regulations by Washington’s federal law you need to understand before enjoying your number one cannabis product in Washington state.

1. You are not allowed to grow your weed!

Washington’s federal law requires that you buy your bud from a state-licensed dispensary. You cannot grow cannabis in your home, unlike in other 420-friendly states. 

2. There are age requirements.

You have to be at least 18 years old to be approved for medical marijuana use. You must be 21 years or older if you want to take marijuana for recreational use. 

3. Required ID

You need a valid ID to purchase cannabis. You can use an instruction permit, a driver’s license, or an ID from any state in the USA, a province of Canada, Washington D.C., or a U.S. territory. 

You may also use a Merchant Marine ID, U.S. armed forced ID, Indian Tribal ID card, or IDenticard. 

4. Laws on Possession

  • 72 oz. in beverage form for both edibles and topicals

  • 16 ounces of infused product in solid form

  • 7 grams of extract for inhalation

  • One ounce of marijuana flower (28 grams)

5. Law on Consumption

While cannabis consumption is legal in the state, cannabis consumption in plain view of the general public is illegal.

6. Law on the Transport of Cannabis

Use or possession of cannabis is illegal and prohibited in other states and countries. Hence, it is prohibited to transport cannabis products across state lines, even to states where cannabis is legal. 

Last Words

There are many amazing places to enjoy cannabis in Washington state. You can experiment with different strains of weed as you go on tour. Just remember to abide by Washington’s federal law on the consumption of cannabis.