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Cheesh’s Stash

Notorious stoner, Cheech Marin, famously known for embodying half of hilariously irreverent stoner comedy duo Cheech and Chong, knows a thing or two about cannabis. Which is why he thought it only fair to develop his own personal brand of curated cannabis, and with this he presents “Cheech’s Stash,” a little piece of paradise for the ... More


Fine cannabis has the power to elevate, shift, enhance and intensify the many facets of your life. Whatever you’re making, the right smoke makes it better. Are you ready to make it savage? More

Sweetwater Farms

Superior quality cannabis produced in batches where every step of the process, from growing all the way down to the packaging, is carefully done by hand with the utmost integrity. Factors such as unique genetic lineages, nutrient-rich soil and love are essential in to creating Craft Cannabis - a cut above the rest. More

C4 Canna Burst

C4 Canna Burst is the edible we’ve all been dreaming of, with a potent set of fruity flavors and effects that are powerful and long-lasting. Based in Washington, Canna Burst has been compared to Starburst candy in both shape and size, yet each little square offers 10mg of THC. With four different options to choose from - sativa, indica, ... More

WA Grower

Our passion is to provide Washington with a diverse menu of responsibly grown safe cannabis. We are excited to deliver top shelf cannabis products at a responsible cost. WA Grower is dedicated to ensuring everyone has the access for their medical relief and recreational cannabis needs. More


Every product with the Solstice Sunflake has been graded on looks, aroma, flavor, and effect by our internal team of cannabis experts to ensure it meets The Solstice Standard. If it’s in our package, it means we love it – and we think you will too. More

Smokey Point Productions

SMOKEY POINT is proudly headquartered in Arlington WA, a town with deep roots in hard work and a strong sense of community. We believe that the best communities are built on humble pride, creative freedom, open communication, and unwavering support. That's why we take pride in everything we do, we partner with local non-profits, and we ... More

Lucky Devil

Lucky Devil Farms is family owned and operated cannabis production company. Our farms are located in the Nalley Valley area of Tacoma, Washington. We take pride in our growing process, so we use no pesticides or chemicals while farming, we simply use care and respect to make our product some of the best on the market. More


Legends offers "legendary" strains featuring classics such as Blue Dream, Super Lemon Haze, and Green crack. This high yielding flower makes it easily accessible to anyone in the market. Legends is an ideal option for novice and experienced smokers alike. More

House Of Cultivar

House of Cultivar is committed to growing great strains the right way—without pesticides, watered and trimmed by hand, and slowly cured to perfection. House of Cultivar’s commitment to excellence and genetic diversity differentiates it from many others, proving that craft-quality cannabis can be produced on a large scale. They also ... More