Already Been Vaped “ABV” Explained and How to Use it?

So you’re done smoking (or vaping) a good bud. Now you’re left with vape cannabis that’s more or less used up.

Hold up!

Already Been Vaped (ABV) weed is a fancy term for cannabis that’s already gone through a vaporizer. You may think it’s all useless now, but trust us when we say there are tons – and we mean tons – of ways you can put vape weed to good use.

This dry herb residue is a relatively little-known secret among enthusiasts. So what’s left with all these plant leftovers? We’ll get you covered top-to-bottom on everything you need to know about these magical and quite possibly life-changing scraps!

What is ABV weed?

ABV stands for Already Been Vaped weed. It’s the brown and crispy weed that’s left after vaping cannabis.

Unlike smoked cannabis, vaped buds or flowers themselves do not burn off and turn into ash. While much of the cannabinoid content is already lost, you’re still gaining something else from all the heating that’s already taken place.

Cannabis that has been vaporized turns into a dry, crumbly pile of brown, leftover plant material. That can only mean one thing: you still got some marijuana left. Combine what you have with the right tools and techniques, and you’ve got yourself a stash of mildly potent marijuana with nifty, unique purposes.

So take our word for it: Whenever you’re done with your smoking or vaping sesh, you collect that plant residue that’s sitting inside your vape.

Why you should collect ABV?

You should collect ABV marijuana for three primary reasons:

  1. You can turn them into so many other marijuana products.

  2. You’re saving money by milking all the cannabinoids from your marijuana.

  3. It’s so easy to do and takes minimal-to-no effort at all!

Vaped weed can be used in a multitude of ways. Truly, the only limit is your creativity and imagination.

Vaped flowers are completely edible thanks to the heat that “activates” the cannabis. Right off the bat, already vaped buds can make weed edibles, flavour butter, and even extract cannabis oil. You can check out one of our AVB recipes later on!

Lazier folks sprinkle ABV weed directly onto their favourite dishes and desserts. And there are even more laid-back folks who put vaped weed straight into their dry herb vaporizers.

Keep in mind that already vaped weeds are not as potent anymore. Smoking or vaping essentially strips most of the cannabinoid content away from the fresh cannabis. But there are solutions to preserve some of the cannabinoids that remain in the residue.

AVB versus ABV: Is there really a difference?

No. It’s all jargon, and unless you’re that kind of person, there’s no need to make a fuss about which one’s better.

The more popular but less grammatically correct term is ABV which stands for “already been vaped.” AVB, on the other hand, stands for “already vaped bud.” So you see, they’re no different from one another.

How much THC and CBD are in an already vaped bud?

Already vaped weed might not be as potent now that it has already been heated or vaped, but it may still contain significant amounts of CBD and THC. The amount you’re getting, of course, depends on a lot of variables.

Firstly, temperature matters. The hotter you’ve vaporized your flowers, the less THC and CBD you’re getting from your residues. Go too low, however, and you’ve still got already vaped buds that are still too potent.

Hitting the sweet spot takes knowledge, time, and practice. We’ll teach you how, so keep reading!

Second, how long you’ve been vaping can drastically affect the THC content of your already vaped buds. Generally speaking, the longer you vape, the less you’re going to get eventually.

The final consideration is how much THC your strain originally had. Say, if it had 15% THC in it before vaping, you’d optimally end up with around 3-6% THC. This is just a ballpark figure since you’ll need to do some serious scientific testing to get the actual values.

Rule of thumb: You’ll at most get 1/2 of the original THC and CBD content, but setting it at 1/3 puts you in safer territory. Manage your expectations accordingly.

How do I prepare vaped buds?

Now that we’ve convinced you not to throw away your precious cannabis, what’s next? While storing vaped buds is as easy as it sounds, there are ways you can optimize the process and get the best results from your pot.

It’s all about temperature.

When vaping, try to stay within the 315-440°F temperature range. It’s the sweet spot for having potent leftovers. And did we forget to mention that it’s the safest heat range for vaping, in general, anyway?

Store your vaped bud in a dry and cool environment

After finishing the dry herb, you’ll want to store the scraps in an airtight container – ideally a mason jar if you have one.

Keep it in a cool location. THC can slowly degrade over time when exposed to temperatures greater than 104°F. In a dry and cool environment, your cannabis will last for years to come.

If you want to prepare vaped buds for consumption, there are a few steps you can take to make sure you’re getting the most out of those crisp flowers.

For maximum potency, grind ’em.

You’ll want to grind it up before adding them to any edible or food product. Anecdotal evidence suggests that the grind produces better and more consistent highs. Another added benefit to grinding is that it makes your already vaped bud easier to manage.

To grind your already vaped weed, you have two options. The most popular way is to use a coffee grinder. If you’re game to work up a sweat, then go for the mortar and pestle. It’s more laborious, but you end up with even finer (and more potent) grinds.

Reheat your already vaped bud when making edibles

To reheat or to eat right away? That is the question that most people have when they first start with AVB edible making. It’s a good one for sure, mainly because it’s such a heated topic.

Your cannabis has already been activated/decarbed during the actual vaping process. There’s no reason to further activate it for the potency.

That being said, unheated AVB can frankly taste gross. If you can’t get past the raw taste of vaped cannabis, then, by all means, reheat. By heating your already vaped bud before consumption, you’re generally making it much more palatable.

Reheating is easy. Toss your vaped cannabis into the microwave at high for about 2 mins. You can also place them on an aluminum foil sheet inside a 120-150 °F oven. Heat for anywhere between 5-15 minutes.

We advise that you reheat your vaped buds, particularly if you’re planning to make oil-based edibles such as cannabis butter/cannabutter. Dumping your already vaped cannabis straight cold into an oil-based solvent might not get you the best net worth.

Experts recommend the ISO wash.

The ISO wash is a more advanced prep work that removes the unwanted flavours of vaped bud while extracting THC. It is also said to prevent digestive issues such as indigestion that is quite common after ABV weed consumption.

Here’s a quick rundown on how to do an ISO wash:

  1. Place your bud residues inside a jar and fill it with high-purity isopropyl alcohol to the brim. Let sit for about a minute.

  2. Filter the solution through a very fine sieve. We recommend using cheesecloth. Perform this step twice, throwing out the remains. If fine particles remain, you can filter them again through a coffee filter.

  3. Pour the liquid into a pot and cook off the ISO. WARNING: KEEP OFF FROM HOT OBJECTS OR FLAMES. If possible, perform this step outdoors.

  4. When nearly all the ISO is cooked off, pour in some water. Cook the liquids off.

  5. Proceed to add butter or coconut oil. Let simmer for about 2-3 hours.

  6. Cool, then store the product in a glass container. Refrigerate or freeze to preserve.

Water curing is easy but time-consuming.

Many are simply put off by the taste of AVB. To be fair, it isn’t the most pleasant experience out there. Luckily, you can water cure your growing pile of smoked vaped buds to save them from the bin.

The water curing process is simple, but the entire process itself will test your patience quite a bit.

To perform water curing, you’ll place your AVB in a sealed baggie or jar and soak for between 24-48 hours in water. Afterward, dump out the water and spread them on a baking tray. Draw the moisture out by baking at 200°F, then store it afterward.

Best ways to use vaped weed

Now that you’ve got your ABV cannabis prepped up, it’s time to start using it. From edibles to drinks, there’s never really a shortage of things with AVB.

ABV cannabutter and oils

ABV cannabis oil takes advantage of the fact that AVB itself is soluble in fat. They form the base of AVB recipes, including brownies and cakes.

Your fat depends on your preference. We recommend using a flavorful oil (like AVB coconut oil) or butter to make delicious ABV cannabutter.

Making cannabis oil or cannabutter

There are many ways to make cannabis oil. This recipe is rather easy to follow:

  1. Mix equal parts water and fat (coconut oil or butter) in a pot or a slow cooker.

  2. Add in your already vaped bud and bring the mixture to a simmer.

  3. Let sit for a couple of hours, occasionally stirring to prevent burning.

  4. Filter through a cheesecloth and let cool. Store in an airtight container (e.g., mason jar).

  5. Place it in the fridge overnight so that it solidifies into a cannabutter.

We highly recommend that you water cure your ABV before adding them into your cannabutter or AVB coconut oil. This will get rid of any unwanted flavours that your batch may have.

AVB edibles

AVB edibles are one of the best (and most fun) ways to consume cannabis. You can put AVB weed in your favourite food recipes.

Baking or cooking with vaped weed helps you achieve delicious flavours while masking the undesirable traits of AVB weed. Common AVB examples in brownies, cake, bread, and gummies. The sky’s the limit!

ABV capsules

Some people prefer to take gelatine capsules, which are kind of like pills. This is an easy way to get your dose without eating or drinking or doing all the edibles prep work!

All you need to do is simply buy gelatine capsules and fill them up with your vaped bud. The effects of ABV capsules take longer to appear, so best to take them in advance.

ABV tinctures

Another option for using ABV weed is to take an ABV tincture. This typically takes a little bit longer than cannabis oil before you start feeling the effects, plus it takes more effort to make. It’s really up to you if you want to get your dollars’ worth this way.

ABV tea or coffee

Making ABV coffee or tea is one the easiest ways to use ABV. Brewing a perfect cup of cannabis-infused beverage is as simple as dropping a few teaspoons of already-decarboxylated cannabis (or cannabis oil) into your morning coffee or tea.

If you want to take your cup of joe to the next level, try adding in some warm milk, cream, or even coconut oil to take off the natural taste of ABV weed. We also advise that you go for stronger brews like Robusta or black tea.

Sprinkle vaped weed on your favourite food

If you can’t be bothered by cooking vaped buds, you can sprinkle smoked cannabis on your favourite dishes. Sprinkle some on buttered or Nutella toast. You can even garnish savoury dishes with some cannabis.

The taste might not be everyone, so best do a taste test before making guests eat your creation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about vape weed

Should I separate strains of AVB weed before using it?

This is a question that has come up a lot, but the answer is no. You can mix and match your vape weed from different strains. All the terpenes are essentially gone and what’s left are low concentrations of cannabinoids.

Vaping smoke weed: is it a good idea?

ABV weed has already gone through a process where cannabinoids were released into the air from vaping it. That means when you smoke ABVs, they won’t get you as high as with fresh cannabis because all of the cannabinoids have already entered your system.

If you’re adamant about smoking cannabis, no one’s stopping you!

You could also smoke vaped weed with your dry herb vaporizer and enjoy its earthy taste while meditating on how much money you saved by not buying fresh bud.

Where to buy AVB weed online in Washington

You can’t buy AVB weed directly from your local cannabis store. But you can make the first steps by purchasing high-quality cannabis products.

Once you’re ready to start your AVB journey, head onto HigherLeaf and get your dose of premium quality cannabis! We offer everything cannabis, from fresh weed to weed vaporizers; to edibles like the delectable Sticky Buns and vape cartridges like the ultra-relaxing Grease Monkey Live Resin.

You name it, and we’ve got it!

Final Takeaway

Suppose you want to take your weed to the limit, best not to throw away those brown leftovers from a session. Instead, turn your already vaped buds into tinctures, edibles, and more!

Already Been Vaped “ABV” weed is a surefire way to milk your flowers worth saving while also enjoying the full benefits of cannabis. We think it’s a win-win situation for all!

What do you think about ABV marijuana? Tell us what you think in the comments section below!