A Smoking Pen

Vape Pens available in Bellevue, WA

You’ve seen them. They’re becoming ubiquitous. Sports events, concerts, bars, the designated smoking area outside your office, even your aunt’s house. If you don’t use portable vape cartridges, chances are you probably have a friend, family member, or know someone who does.

Portable cannabis vaporizer cartridges are without a doubt one of the most popular cannabis products sold on the recreational market. Factors such as convenience, discreteness, value, and flavor have led to exponential sales growth over the past year.

Somewhat similar to the idea of the nicotine “e-cig,” cartridges come pre-filled with concentrated cannabis oil. They attach to a battery operated vape “pen” which generates heat and produces vapor. Due to their small size and lightweight, cartridges are preferred for on-the-go use when you can’t access your usual smoking set up or just need to exercise more discretion. The vapor produced is not odorless, but definitely does not smell like marijuana. It also dissipates very quickly and does not absorb into your clothes. The cartridge goes everywhere the joint cannot.

You can find cartridges in just about any strain or flavor your heart desires these days. Processors can use different extraction methods to get different types of oil, all with their own pros and cons. Some use a cutting agent like glycol to make the oil less viscous, while processors like X-Tracted prefer to use natural terpenes to get the job done. Both methods are safe for the consumer, and all solvents or cutting agents used are considered food-grade. Oils are also tested for residual compounds to ensure a clean end-product.

This technology also leads to some impressive innovations. For example, don’t like the natural taste of marijuana? No problem. Many cartridges now come with added fruit flavors like Strawberry, Pineapple, or Mint that conceal the natural taste and provide a more pleasant experience. Processors can also re-introduce cannabis-derived terpenes back into the oil, thus engineering the effects to be either more uplifting or more sedating. The possibilities are truly endless!

Green-Theory offers one of the largest selections of portable vape cartridges in Washington State. Featuring brands like The Clear, Liberty Reach, Interra, Clarity Farms, Lucid and more! The only way to figure out what brand and type you prefer is to give them a try. Not sure how to get started? Feel free to stop in and chat carts with one of our educated and friendly sales associates.

Green-Theory’s Vape Cartridge Storage and Usage Tips: 

1. Store cartridges at room temperature in an upright position. Avoid leaving it in your car on a hot day as they will leak!
2. Use a battery that does not exceed 3.9 volts. Anything higher risks burning the oil.
3. Cartridges are done when the oil level is below the wick or you’re getting a slight “waxy” taste.
4. Although it’s possible to refill cartridges, it’s best to not to reuse them. The chances of electronic failure increase with each fill and you don’t want your oil stuck in a faulty chamber.