3 Ways Cannabis Can Boost Your New Year’s Resolutions

Hopping aboard the “new year, new you” train this year? Same. But, we’re taking it slow and remembering that even baby steps toward a new habit still land squarely in the win column. If the changes you’re making are proving to be more of a challenge than you’d hoped, we’re here to help! Here are just a few of the ways that cannabis can help you stick with your goals and make 2018 your best year yet.

Treat Yourself

Determined that this year is the year you’re getting fit, but desperately missing your nightly glass of wine or nibble of chocolate? Cannabis can help! Roll a joint or fire up your vape filled with an indica strain to get the relaxation of a drink for zero calories. Or if you’re desperate for a sugar fix, treat yourself to a 10 mg piece of your favorite edible. You may only think of the dreaded munchies when you think of smoking pot, but did you know that the average weed smoker is actually slimmer than a non-smoker? According to a study published in the American Journal of Medicine people who consume or smoke cannabis are not only leaner, but their bodies respond better to sugar. Now there’s a science-backed way to lose weight that we can get behind!

Recover Faster

Are you determined to leap up mountains, hit beast mode in the gym, or finally train for that marathon this year? We hear you. And yes, eventually, your body will thank you, but when you’re first starting out your muscles may protest. A. Lot. Fortunately, you now have more options than just grabbing a bag of ice or grumbling through the pain. Cannabis topicals are a great option to help your body recover faster. Topicals won’t get you high, but they can help to ease sore muscles and soothe inflammation. Check out this article from Leafly to see how else cannabis can help someone starting a running routine.

Sleep Better

You may think that burning the candle at both ends is no big deal, but getting enough sleep comes with a pile of benefits that are too good to be ignored. Getting enough sleep improves your memory, curbs inflammation, helps creativity, and, drumroll please, helps you lose weight. Turns out that getting enough sleep is actually pretty important. If you’re tossing and turning at night, ending your day with indica can help you fall asleep and stay there all night. Check out this article from Herb for more info.

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